Multiple Pipelines

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What it is?

The Multiple Pipelines is a functionality that has been designed exclusively for the new ForceManager Opportunities menu. This functionality allows to sort out pipelines according to each product or service line, with different opportunities status for each pipeline.

Therefore, this functionality is perfect for those companies that have different sales processes for each of their products or service lines.


This functionality is available on web page and mobile device (Android and iOS devices).

How does it work?

1. When creating an opportunity

Step 1:

When an opportunity is created, on the creation form, complete the mandatory “Sales pipeline” field, and select which option (product or service line) corresponds with the opportunity pipeline.

Step 2:

Next, complete the “Opportunity status” field. Different status will be displayed depending on the Sales Pipeline you had chosen.

Step 3:

Complete the information required within the opportunity field and click “save”.

Web version


Mobile version


2. When looking for an opportunity

Step 1: access your Sales Pipeline

To access an opportunity, remember they are sorted out by their Sales Pipeline. Therefore, to look for an opportunity, you must access to the right pipeline.

For that, access the Opportunities menu and click on the arrow that is just at the right of the search box.

Next, click on the option you need. In case you don’t remember the opportunity pipeline, you can also select the “All opportunities” option, and you will see them listed.

Web version


Mobile version


Step 2: add more filters

Once you are into the Pipeline, you will see all the corresponding opportunities, but you can also add more filters.

You can add filters by two ways:

  1. From the Pipeline

In the Opportunities Pipeline you can filter the opportunities by status, by selecting or unselecting the check-boxes. Remember you will just see the corresponding status of the pipeline you are in.

Web version


  1. From the funnel

From the funnel, you can continue adding as many filters as you need to find for the opportunity you are looking for.

Web version


Mobile version


To activate this functionality, get in touch with your ForceManager consultant. Moreover, keep in mind that if you wish to activate this functionality on the Opportunities menu it is necessary to have the new Opportunities menu.

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