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Conversion: Opportunity Pipeline
Conversion: Opportunity Pipeline
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🔗 This feature is available for all plans.

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1. Description of the Opportunities Pipeline

The 'Opportunity Pipeline' is a tool available in ForceManager's Sales Analysis menu that allows you to effectively manage all opportunities in different states or stages of the sales process. With this functionality, you can:

  • Plan for the future and visualize how opportunities are distributed by state to allocate the appropriate resources to each process.

  • Identify the stages where more obstacles are encountered in progressing to the next state and work on them to avoid stagnation.


Data displayed by the 'Opportunity Pipeline' chart

At the top of the chart, you can see the number and value of all new, won, or lost opportunities for the users you've chosen within the selected time period.


Right below, you'll find the opportunity pipeline, which allows you to efficiently manage all open opportunities in various states or stages of the process.

The pipeline takes into account the selected users to provide you with information about the current status of all their open opportunities. If you hover your cursor over any of the states, you can see the quantity, percentage, and weighted value of the opportunities within each of them.


At the bottom of the chart, you will see:

Total: the total quantity and value of all opportunities that the selected users currently have open (provided they are responsible for them).

Variation: Indicates the difference between new opportunities and closed ones (whether won or lost) within the selected period. The variation will be positive if the number of new opportunities is greater than closed opportunities. Conversely, if the quantity of new opportunities is less than closed ones, the variation will be negative, indicating that more opportunities are being closed than generated.


Additionally, you have another tab to view all the information in table format.


Detailed Analysis of the Opportunity Pipeline

In the 'Opportunity Pipeline,' you can perform an in-depth analysis to understand the opportunities included in the data displayed on the graph. To do this, simply click on the data you want to analyze.

You can do this for new, won, or lost opportunities, as well as for each of the states of the opportunities open in the pipeline.


When you click on any of the data points, ForceManager will take you directly to the Opportunities menu, where you can view the filtered information corresponding to the specific figure on the chart that you selected.



In the graph, only opportunities with a responsible party among the selected users within the specified period will be included. If there are opportunities created with different currencies, the total calculations will be displayed in the currency configured in the user's environment. Whenever the data refers to open opportunities, they will be shown with their weighted amounts.

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