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How to create customized views in Calendar?
How to create customized views in Calendar?
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What allows this functionality?

In ForceManager you can create and save mixed customized filters to easily find some events that you tend to search.

You can combine as many filters as you need to configure the views: by owner, account and opportunity, and you can also assign a general title referring to all mixed filters. Once you’ve created the view, you can quickly and efficiently watch the filtered fields.

You can manage and create views form the web version, although you can see it from the mobile version.

Create and view the views from the version web

To create views on the Calendar menu, select all filters you need mix and save it as a view, writing the name.

Let’s see an example.

Step 1.

Go to the Calendar menu and to the filters section.


Step 2.

Add the filters you need. For example: an owner and one account.


Step 3.

At the left of all the filters, next to “Views” click on “Save”.


Step 4.

Write the view name and click on “Save”. For example: Anne and ForceManager.


Step 5.

When you need apply a view, click on “View” and select the option you need.


View views from the mobile version

To view the views you have created, go to the Calendar menu and to the filters section.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


Next, click on “Views".

Android Devices


iOS Devices


Finally, select the option you need.

Android Devices


iOS Devices

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