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How to add a drawing or sketch in ForceManager? 
How to add a drawing or sketch in ForceManager? 
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With Pencilkit, you can draw and edit your sketches in ForceManager, automatically saving the file as an image format in your activities.

You can do that from your iPhone and iPad, drawing with your finger as well as with an Apple pencil or another compatible version.

1. Steps to draw in ForceManager

To draw in your CRM, follow the bellow steps:

  1. Add a new activity or edit a created one

  2. Access the “photo carousel” section and click on the camera icon

  3. Select the “add notes or drawing” option

  4. Draw or write all you need, with your finger or with a pencil. For example: draw a flat layout

  5. Click on “done” and your sketch will be automatically saved as an image in your activity. In fact, it is saved as if you would take a photo or imported a picture from your Image gallery.


2. Edit or delete a Drawing

If you need to edit your drawing, keep in mind you must do that from your iPhone or iPad. For that, access to edit the proper activity, go to the picture you need and click on the three points, that are just at the top right of the screen, and click on the “edit” option. Make the modifications you need and save changes.


If you need to delete the picture, you can do that from your iPhone, iPad and from an Android device. In both cases, edit the proper activity, click on the picture you want to delete and, finally:

  • Android: click on the rubbish and save changes

  • iPhone or iPad: click on the three points that are just at the top right of the screen, next click on “delete” and save changes.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


3. View drawings

On mobile devices (Android and iOS), you can view your drawings in:

  • An activity details

  • And in the image gallery, in the account which you had added the activity

On the web version, access the image gallery of each account to see your drawings.


  1. Use an iPhone or iPad to create and edit drawings

  2. Install the iOS 14 version

  3. Install the latest version of ForceManager

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