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How can I share or send an activity?
How can I share or send an activity?
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With ForceManager, you can share a manual activity (comments, visits activity type, and lots more) directly with Contacts of your ForceManager agenda through multiple different channels.

Automatic registered calls and emails cannot be shared nor edited.

Step-by-Step to share an activity:

  1. Add an activity detailing as much information as you need: comments, pictures, and more. Remember, you can create either activity from the Activity menu or from the related activities menu in an account file.

  2. Access the activity detail to be shared.

  3. Click on the “share” icon to send the document with all the activity detail in .pdf format. You will have different share options depending on the platform you are using. Android, iOS device, working directly from the ForceManager web platform.

  • iOS devices:

Share your activity with any Contact part of your ForceManager agenda or select the “Other contact” option to the activity by email.

  • Android devices

Share your activity with any Contact who are part of your contacts, accounts, and ForceManager users. Alternatively, select the “Other contact” option to share with anyone by email, Bluetooth, and more.

  • Web site

Finally, on the Web version you can share your activity with any Contact within your ForceManager agenda (1), by email (2), generate a link (3) or download the file (4).

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