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Add your Outlook emails to your Activities
Add your Outlook emails to your Activities
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We know that a large part of your day-to-day work revolves around your inbox, which is why ForceManager offers solutions to help manage this process more efficiently, as it is our ForceManager add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

This add-in allows you to create records in your CRM directly from your Outlook inbox. You can save only the emails of interest from customers, prospects, partners, etc., in your ForceManager activities, even if email synchronization is disabled.

How can I get and install the Add-in?

In the article ForceManager inside Microsoft Outlook, we show you how to do it so you can start taking advantage of its benefits. You can also install it directly by clicking the following button:


How can I register an Outlook email for the first time in ForceManager?

1. Open the add-in from your mailbox, then choose the desired email and display the list of actions by clicking on the "more actions"




2. Select the Activities tab from the add-in section:


3. Click the "Save email" button at the top of the email history to save the email as a new activity in the CRM, allowing you to keep track of email threads even if ForceManager's email sync is turned off.


Note: If the "Save Email" button is not visible, it means that the selected email has already been saved.

4. Review the history: Once you have saved the email, you can view it in the history by clicking on it, where you will find its details, including the date, subject, body, account name, owner, and contact.

The following notification will appear if the email was saved using the add-in:

"This email was saved using the ForceManager CRM add-in for Microsoft Outlook".


How do I check a saved email in the CRM?

The saved email will be available inside the Activity menu. Log in to your ForceManager account, and go to the Activity menu, where you can find the email in the interactions timeline. Click on "Edit" or "Options"


if you need to make any change.


Last but not least, we would like to remind you that by clicking on the following button, you can instantly download and install the add-in:

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