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How to share a videocall detail with a customer?
How to share a videocall detail with a customer?
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Just activate the Microsoft Teams and Zoom integration in your ForceManager account to “share automatically” the videocall details with your customers straight from inside the application.

If you want to share automatically video call details, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Start scheduling your videocall in the ForceManager Calendar

  2. Select the account that you want to meet via an online video call

  3. From the “select contact” field, select the people you want to invite to the meeting: current contacts or new contacts.

  4. You will see the “send invitation to your contacts” button have appeared. Just activate this option if you want ForceManager to send an automatic email with the videocall details to the contacts’ email addresses that you have added in the step above.

  5. Remember that alternatively you can forward manually the video call details by clicking on the “copy URL” button which will give you the URL link to share manually with the customer. This is in case you want to make sure that the invitation arrives from your own email address as the automatic invitation email that ForceManager will send will be coming from a ForceManager email address and not from your own email address.

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