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Thanks to the Zoom integration, you will have the recording of your online meetings in ForceManager. These video recordings will be attached to the appropriate account and activity automatically, giving you a unified view of every interaction you or your team have had with customers.

If you want the recording link to appear remember to record the session on the Cloud, and not as a local file.

Once you have finished the videocall with your client, the recording will be automatically added to your timeline and contact (using the email address reported in the contact detail sheet of ForceManager), so you can easily access past online calls and review them.

You will find the recording attached to the activity detail that is registered automatically when you finish a videoconference, together with the comment you added in the "update activity" report. All in one activity, effortlessly and in context!

Activities general menu:


Activities menu in the account file:


It is required have a paid subscription Zoom account to have this functionality.

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