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What is Zoom and what does the integration offer?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet with your customers and it lets you record those sessions to view later. It is accessible from computers and mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets).

Thanks to this integration, you will be able to turn every meeting scheduled in Forcemanager calendar into a Zoom meeting. Your collaborators and contacts added to the event will receive an email invitation with the Zoom link to access the videoconference.

Moreover, every video call is automatically attached to the appropriate customer and it will be reported in your Activity Timeline, giving you a complete streamline sales workflow.

How to integrate Zoom with ForceManager?

This integration is available for free.

You can use a Basic, Pro or or Business Plan for your Zoom Account.

Only administrator profiles can activate the integration.

Login as an admin and go to Settings > Third-party integrations. Here, you will find Zoom in the Section “Videoconferencing”. Click on it to activate it.


Click on the toggle in the upper right of the new screen that will appear. This will activate the integration with Zoom and a new option will appear in the left menu of your Settings: “Videconferencing”, under TOOLS. This option will be available for all the users in your implementation.


You and your collaborators will need to go here and insert your Zoom Account credentials, in order to complete the process.

Click on "Connect Zoom Account" to login with your Zoom profile.

Once the Integration is active, you will be able to create your virtual meetings in Forcemanager.


You will also have the option to “disconnect your Zoom account” or “deactivate” Zoom (option available only for the Administrator user), in case you need to remove this integration.

Disconnect your Zoom account:


Deactivate Zoom (remove integration):


How does the Zoom integration work?

Once the integration is active, the following benefits will be available:

1. You can directly schedule your videoconferences in your ForceManager calendar, inviting your collaborators and customers.

2. All attendees who are invited to the event, will receive an email invitation and they will be able to join the videoconference from the Forcemanager app or the email they received.

3. You will be able to track all your Zoom activities. The videoconferences will be automatically registered in the Activity Timeline. You will be also able to report comments about the videocall in the Post Zoom Report.

These functionalities are available on all the platforms: Forcemanager webapp and mobile apps (Android and iOS).

1. How to schedule a virtual meeting with Zoom?

Go to your ForceManager Calendar and click the "+" button to add a new event.

When creating the new event, you have to select the Activity Type and choose Video Activity” or “Video Checkin".

Mobile version:


Web version:


Once selected the Activity Type you will see the new option "videoconference". Click on it to select the platform you are going to use to schedule the virtual meeting. In this case, select “ZOOM”.

Mobile version:


Web version:


Once the option is selected, you will be redirected to the creation form and all information about the virtual meeting with Zoom will appear: meeting ID, password and the link to join the meeting, that can be copied to the clipboard and shared with other people.

Mobile version:


Web version:


You will also see the option “Send invitation to your contacts”, which is enabled by default. This means that all the Contacts and collaborators invited to the event will receive an invitation. To invite your Contacts, select an Account and then, in the “Select contact” field, add the contact you want to invite or create a new contact.

Mobile version:


Web version:


It is necessary that the contact has a valid email address, in order to receive the invitation. In case it doesn't have an email, edit the contact to add one.

Once you’ve filled all the necessary fields of the event, tap on “Done” to save it and create the videoconference meeting.

Please note that this event will be created in your Forcemanager calendar and the invitation will be sent to Contacts and Users added to the event.

2. How to join the videoconference?

Once the event is saved, you will be able to access the virtual meeting from the detail of the event or from the Magic Card in your mobile app, when the event will start in the following hour.

  • Magic Card:

Open your mobile app and go to the Dashboard.

When your virtual meeting is about to start, swipe left on your Goals and you will see the Magic Card with all the info related to the event. From where you will be able to join the videoconference straight away by tapping on the button “Join meeting”, the Zoom app will open.

The Magic card will also provide you with the most relevant information about the meeting: your customer, the schedule, the subject of the event and the activity type you set.

  • Event detail:

From the Dashboard, tap on the event you want to see.

Or from the Calendar menu, tap on the event.

Once you are in the event detail, tap on the button "Join meeting" to join thevideoconference straight away, the Zoom app will open.

Mobile version:


Web version:


Finally, all the attendees who have been invited can join the meeting from the email invitation by clicking on the "Join meeting" button.


3. How to track Zoom activities?

Once the virtual meeting has ended, the videoconference will be automatically tracked in your Activity Timeline. It will be saved as a “Video activity” or a “Video Checkin activity”, according to the type selected when the event has been created. These activities will show you all the most relevant information, including the duration of the meeting and its video recording, in case the videoconference has been recorded.

You will be able to add your comments about the videocall in the Report that will appear when you go back to your Forcemanager app (web or mobile) once the meeting has ended.

Mobile version:


Web version:


Thanks to this integration, you can filter your activities by "Video Checkin" or “Video Activity”, by tapping on the funnel icon, and therefore track all the virtual meetings you had with your customers. As you can see, you will have every activity into a unified view, so you can see every interaction that you (and your team) have had with each of your leads and customers and you be will be prepared for the next meeting!

In case you have a paid subscription Zoom Account, you will have the recorded session into the activity detail.

Mobile version:


Web version:


Uninstalling the ForceManager integration

When disconnecting the Zoom integration from the ForceManager Settings you will be redirected to the Zoom Marketplace to complete the process.

  1. Login (if needed) to your Zoom Account

  2. Search for the ForceManager app

  3. Access the ForceManager Marketplace page

  4. Select Uninstall

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