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Notifications in web events
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Now, with the ForceManager web app you can easily see a preview of your daily Calendar and receive reminder notifications of your upcoming events (15 minutes before).

Moreover, if the event it is a video call activity type (using the Microsoft Teams or Zoom integration), the system automatically will show you the “Join meeting” button, from which you can easily access the virtual event.

How does it work?

Just create your events in the ForceManager Calendar if you want these notifications to appear.

Every day you will have a preview of your scheduled events in the current day without needing to access the Calendar menu. For that, click on the calendar icon, that is just at the right of the bell icon, at the top right of the screen.

A part of see your daily events, you can also access the event detail clicking on the event option.


Finally, 15 minutes before your event, a pop-up reminder will automatically appear at the right bottom of the screen.

As part of see the reminder, you can also:

  • Access the event detail, clicking on the notification

  • Close the reminder, clicking on the cross icon

  • Join the online event though the “Join meeting” button, in case the event it is a video call (using the Microsoft Teams or Zoom integration)

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