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How to add an event
How to add an event
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1. Add events on the web application

Once you have entered the Calendar, click on the "Add event" button that you will find in the upper right part of the screen.

In the creation you can indicate all its details:

  • Event subject

  • Date and time: indicates the day and time of the event, you can define a specific time or mark the option "all day". In addition, you can schedule it taking into account the different time zones.

  • Event reminder: set a reminder. It will allow you to select a certain time to receive a notice before the appointment, for example, 15 minutes before. ForceManager will send you a notification of the application.

  • Owner: defines who will be the owner for the appointment. By default, it will be your own user, but if you manage the agendas of a team, you will be able to assign appointments to other users.

  • Activity type: select the type of activity to be carried out: visit, video call, etc. If it is a "video call" type event when you select it, another additional field will appear to indicate with which provider the video call will be made: Microsoft Teams or Zoom (you must first have established the synchronization), then it will generate the corresponding link so you can copy it to share it with guests.

  • Account: indicates with which account (client, potential, partners, etc.) the appointment is to be made. In this way, you can also view the event and all its details from its account file.

  • Opportunity: in case there is an opportunity created related to the event, you can link it to be able to be seen also from the opportunity file.

  • Invite colleagues: you can add participants to the event.

  • Notes

  • Add another address: If you indicate the "Account" field, the event will have, by default, the account's address linked, but you can add another location if the event will take place in a different location than the main account address.

Once you have completed all the information you need, click on "save" and the appointment will be added to your calendar.


2. Add events on the mobile application

On the mobile application, once you have entered the Calendar, in the “Day” and “Month” viewing formats is the option “Add”.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


To add an event:

  • Enter the event details (subject and date are required fields).

  • Once you have completed the necessary and/or additional information, press save. Bear in mind that the button’s location may vary according to the device.

Android Devices


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