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How to add attendees to an event
How to add attendees to an event
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One of the actions you can do from Calendar when creating an appointment is to add guests to the event. The attendees types are:

  • Contacts: By selecting an Account in your event, you will be able to invite the account contacts.

  • People from your organization: other application users (team members, managers, or sales reps).

  • External users: people not registered as contacts in your accounts but who you eventually need to invite to an event.

How to add invitees?

To do this, start creating an event, go to the "Invite colleagues" section and select the participants. Remember, you will see as many people as visibility you have in the application.


Each one of your attendees will receive an invite notification of the event or appointment once you have created it.


Later, you can track the response of the participants invited to the event. Click on the calendar appointment, where you can see if users have accepted, rejected or have pending confirmation of attendance at your event.

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