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What is the Magic Card?
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The Magic Card is a smart card delivered to your Dashboard to remind you of any scheduled visit that is within the next two hours. This will give you the most important event information so that you never forget an event and you will never lose time planning.

It also shows you in real time how to reach your destination. You will see when you need to depart so as to arrive on time, and you will also know how much time is needed to reach your destination taking into account the current traffic situation. Moreover, you can also quickly report your visit with a Check-in.


Where is it located?

The Magic Card is on the Dashboard, just to the right of your goals. To know if you have an available card, make a long press on your goals and scroll your finger to the right.

If the Magic Card does not appear, it means that you do not have a scheduled visit within the next two hours.


What should I do to have it?

If you want to see the Magic Card, you should schedule your next visits on the ForceManager Calendar, clicking on the “+” button.

It is very important that when you are completing the event form, you enter the following fields:

  • Subject

  • Account (and it is geolocated)

  • Date* (always in the future)

  • Starting hour

Once the event has been created, the Magic Card will appear once you are within the two hour period.

To know more about how to create an event, click here.

What does the Magic Car offer?

The Magic Card offers the most important information about your next visit in real time.

Below, let’s see, step by step what information it provides:

  1. Account you have the appointment with, type and segment. If you click on the name, you will access the account file.

  2. Day and hour of the visit.

  3. Subject of the appointment.

  4. Activity type you will do.

  5. Chronometer that shows in how many minutes you should depart so as to arrive in time for the event. This data works with real time information, so If there is traffic and you are going to be late for the event the time will increase accordingly and will appear in red. In contrast. If you are going to arrive on time for the event, the time will appear in green.

  6. Hour at which you should depart so as to arrive in time for the event and time you spend going to the appointment by car.

  7. Contact” button that allows you to quickly communicate with the account or meeting participants. This functionality is useful, especially when you are arriving late to the visit because there is traffic and you need to notify the customer. If you click on this button, you can:

    • See the meeting participants. If you then click on them, you will have a quick access to call them, send messages or a WhatsApp.

    • Send an email or message to the account.

  8. Route” button, that shows in real time how reach the event and gives you the shortest route. This button only appears when you are more than 500 meters from the account you are going to visit, so ForceManager automatically recognizes you have not yet arrived at the event. This functionality is thanks to your installed mobile maps application on your mobile device.

  9. Check-in” button, that allows you to report the visit you have just had in less than a minute. This button replaces the “Route” button when you are less than 500 meters from the account you are going to visit. If you need know more about the Check-in, click here.

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