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Get to know XLarge widget
Get to know XLarge widget
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Thanks to the new XLarge widget for iPad devices with iOS 15, you will have direct access to your most-used ForceManager features from your device's home screen.

You will be able to do a Check-in, join a video call, reach your next destination and track your goals without accessing the app.

In addition, the widget will refresh automatically according to your needs, offering you the necessary data at your fingertips!


1. How does the XLarge widget work

The ForceManager widget will provide you with daily critical data as long as you log into your device. Since our widget is smart, it will display and update the information depending on your schedule.

By default, this widget will allow you to track your goals by showing a maximum of three main Goals configured in your Dashboard.


When the widget recognizes that you will have a visit or video call in the following 1 hour and a half, it will replace the Goals section with the Magic Card.

From the Magic Card embedded in your device's home screen, you have the same options as if you were in your ForceManager Dashboard:

You can start a journey to your next Visit by using the Route option, as well as doing a Check-in when you arrive at your destination or accessing a video call in Microsoft Teams or Zoom through the "join meeting" button.


2. How to set up the XLarge widget

Follow the steps below to add a widget to your iOS device.

  1. Access your iPad home screen and touch and hold a widget or an app until the apps jiggle.

  2. Tap the "+" button, which is in the upper left corner.

  3. Select the ForceManager widget, choose the size, and tap on "Add widget."

  4. Finally, tap on "ok."


  1. Use an iPad device

  2. Install the iOS 15 version

  3. Install the latest version of ForceManager

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