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How to write in forms from my iPad?
How to write in forms from my iPad?
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Thanks to iOS 14 version, you can add or edit an account, opportunity, report your Check-ins, activities, etc. in ForceManager app writing directly from your iPad screen with an Apple Pencil. It’s like taking notes!

The new Scribble functionality will allow you to fill in text data in the application, writing on your iPad directly on the text fields (numeric and alphabetic). This means that when writing on top of one of these fields with your pencil, ForceManager will automatically turn your pencil notes into text.

Here is an example to better understand this feature:

  1. Take your iPad and open ForceManager

  2. Access the Accounts menu and add an account

  3. Take your Apple pencil or another compatible version.

  4. Write the account name, the phone number and a comment, for example, on the screen. You will see that your note turns automatically into text.



  1. Use an iPad

  2. Install the iOS 14 version

  3. Install the latest version of ForceManager

  4. Use an apple pencil or another compatible version to be able to write in your device screen.

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