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Set up a Notification Summary
Set up a Notification Summary
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In ForceManager, we continually evolve our software to make our customer's workflow even more efficient, providing enhancements such as the new notification summary feature for iOS 15.

The Notification Summary functionality will help you collect incoming notifications of the ForceManager app and deliver them to you all at once at the time you choose.

1. How to enable a Notification Summary

To enable notification summaries, you must go into the Settings app to set up the functionality.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad running iOS 15, open the Settings app.

  2. Tap Notifications.

  3. Tap Scheduled Summary.

  4. Toggle Scheduled Summary on.


5. Then you must configure the schedule of your notification summary. You will find two times selected by default (one at 8 am and another at 6 pm), but you can set different times each day. Add as many as you need, and tap on the next button to save your choices.

6. The next step is to select which notifications you would like to appear in each summary. By default, an apps list will appear to you in order of how often, on average, they notify you each day where you must select the ForceManager app.


Once set the notification summary, you will not receive notifications of the ForceManager app as soon as they arrive. Instead, they'll be delivered all at once in the summary you set. The only exceptions are messages from people.

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