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What are the new notifications on ForceManager?

The new ForceManager notifications for iOS will alert you to events, opportunities and tasks on all your devices, so you’re always up to date. You’ll receive a “Snapshot of the day” notification before you wake up. This is a summary of your day on the lock screen, with all the events you have pending that day. To help you stay organized, you can view this information in more detail using to 3D Touch. You also have advanced notifications for each of your events, tasks and opportunities that you have programmed. You can use 3D Touch to view each of these in more detail. The system will notify you of:

  • Opportunities that are either about to or have already expired.

  • Pending tasks you have that day,

  • The location of your upcoming visits. You’ll know the time it takes to arrive there and how long it will take you, whether you’re travelling by car or on foot.

What advanced notifications do I receive?

Go to Settings > ForceManager > Select “Notifications” > Activate “Allow notifications”.

In this menu, you can also choose how you wish to receive these notifications. E.g. with sounds, badge app icons, on the lock screen etc.

This functionality is available for iOS 10.

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