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When do I receive notifications?
When do I receive notifications?
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Whenever you're the owner of an element (account or opportunity), you will receive a notification and an email when another user adds any activity related to that account or opportunity, or when another user modifies its details (for instance, a notification will appear when a user adds contacts or modifies fields in any of your accounts).

You will also receive notifications when you get included as an attendee to an event (visit, meeting...).

What will ForceManager notify you?

You will see a notification in the App and, besides, you will receive an email that will inform you about:

  • What you have been assigned if you are added as an account owner, opportunity or event (for example, when you are assigned a new visit, you will see all the information and even access the detail of that event from the email).

  • What has been modified, if you are the owner or have any item on follow-up that has been modified, you will be able to see the details of the item, field by field, and it will specify all the changes that there have been so that from the email you have all information and also, you can access the file for that item in the App.

  • What has been added when adding an activity or item to any of your accounts/opportunities, ForceManager will alert you about what type of action has been taken.

They are notifications that will keep you updated with the latest information without wasting your time. In addition, they are designed to be useful in mobility, adapt to all your devices and the ‘consult now’ button will allow you to link directly to the application when you need the complete information.

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