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How does the Fields menu work?
How does the Fields menu work?
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This feature is only available for the following plans:



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From the Fields menu you will be able to create and edit standard and extra fields in ForceManager.

When accessing the menu, you will see at the top of the screen all the ForceManager modules with available custom fields: Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Activities, Events and tasks, etc.

Information about an Account and all its fields is displayed by default when you access the menu. Fields are listed according to how they are viewed from the app: standard fields are listed at the top and extra and customized fields are listed below.

Standard fields cannot be re-ordered. If desired though, fields that have been created for each implementation (extra fields) can be ordered and grouped into tabs.

Standard fields can be hidden but not deleted. To edit the name itself (literal; i.e.: "Accounts", "Opportunities", etc) of a standard field, you must access the Literals menu.

When you access an entity, you will be able to:

  • See information about all its fields

  • Manage tabs (group and sort extra fields)

  • Manage extra fields (creating, modifying and filtering)

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