Massive update

Did you know you can update your accounts, contacts and opportunities in bulk?

From ForceManager, you can make a massive update of your Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities with an unlimited number of elements. What you can do:

1. Update in bulk. You can edit the fields you need (standard and extras) of your accounts/contacts/opportunities at the same time.

2. Delete in bulk. You can delete the accounts/contacts/opportunities you need simultaneously.

3. Merge. You have a direct access to merge accounts/contacts/opportunities.

You have the same configuration options in the three menus. Here is an example of the Accounts module but follow the same steps with the Opportunity and Contacts menus.

How to update in bulk?

To update or delete in bulk accounts/contacts/opportunities, follow the bellow steps.

Step 1.

Add filters to choose the accounts you need to modify. Once you have added the required filters, you have two options to select the accounts:

a) Select all the results by clicking on the top box


b) Select the accounts one by one


Keep in mind that if you want to merge two accounts, you can only select two entities. In this case, the accounts number to update it is not unlimited.


Step 2.

Once you have selected the accounts, you will automatically see the different options to update in bulk, just at the top of the accounts list.

Option 1. Edit accounts

Click on “Edit Fields” to modify some fields at the same time.


You will see all your standard and extra fields that can be modify in bulk. Make the changes needed on the right of each field and click on “save”.

Screenshot_2020-06-18_at_12.07.36.pngNext, write “EDIT” to check you want to modify these entities and click on “Yes, edit x accounts”. Keep in mind you won’t be able to undo these modifications and it will be added the same way  it was for the accounts you have selected in the Step 1.


Option 2. Delete accounts

Click on “Delete” to remove from ForceManager these accounts you had selected in the Step 1.


Next, write “DELETE” to confirm you want to remove these entities and click on “Yes, delete x accounts”. Keep in mind you won’t be able to undo these modifications.


Option 3. Merge accounts

Once you have selected two entities in the Step 1, click on “Merge”.


Next, follow the same steps as always to merge two accounts which are detailed in the next article: How to merge accounts?



As you can see, the final result of merging accounts from the accounts list, it is the same as merging accounts from the accounts file, a process that has already existed in ForceManager, but now you will have another option to do it.

Step 3.

Check how the selected information has been updated properly. You will see how much time you have saved thanks to this new functionality!

If you want to activate this functionality, keep in touch with your Customer Success or with the ForceManager team support:

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