Can accounts be filtered and searched?

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1. Apply filters and searches on the web application

On the web version, by default the accounts are ordered by date created or last modified.

With the magnifying glass, you can search directly by account name and you can search all the completed fields, for instance, by address or city/town.

To find an account easily, from the funnel, you can apply filters to all the account fields: owner 1, status, account type, etc. as well as you can also filter by personalized views.

Remember that even when you log out and log back in, ForceManager will keep the filters you defined in the last session applied so you can easily get back to work from where you left off.


Finally, at the bottom right of the screen, you have the "+" option. This will allow you to filter by more standard and custom fields: owner 2-4, phone number, etc.



2. Apply filters and searches on the mobile application

By default, on mobile devices accounts are ordered by proximity to your location, from the closest to the furthest away.

By pressing the funnel icon situated at the top of the screen you have access to a number of different filter options.

Android devices

iOS devices

For example, you can choose to filter accounts by simply viewing the ones you follow or they can be filtered according to their type, segment or owner. In addition, you can also filter by the custom fields set up in your account.

Android devices

iOS devices

You can also change the order in which they appear in the account list by selecting ‘Order by’ (Android) or 'Sort' (iOS), either organize your accounts alphabetically, by distance or the date they were last updated.

Android devicesFilter_Accounts_Android_3.PNG

iOS devicesFilter_Accounts_iOS_3.PNG

How to filter by custom fields? 

At the bottom right of the screen, you have the "Add filters" option. This will allow you to filter by your custom fields.

Android devices

iOS devices

The option to filter by custom fields is only available when there is an internet connection. In case you have added a custom filter and happen to lose internet connection, an “alert” icon will appear to notify you this filter is no longer being applied.

Once the filters are selected, in the list of companies, you will see the labels of the added filters. Lastly, you can delete these filters in the following ways:

  • Individually: by clicking on the corresponding cross
  • All at the same time depends on your mobile:
    • Android devices: by clicking on the last cross
    • iOS devices: by clicking on “clear”.

Android devices

iOS devicesFilter_Accounts_iOS_5.PNG

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