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How to add a contact?
How to add a contact?
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1. Adding contacts on the web application

Once you have accessed the Contacts menu, click on the “Add” button to start creating a new one.

There are usually two mandatory fields in the creation form: name and account that would be company where the contact works. However, we recommend filling in all data you know in case you need it at any moment.

Finally, click “save” and this new contact will be added to your ForceManager agenda.

2. Adding contacts on the mobile application

Follow the below steps to create a contact from your mobile (Android or iOS).

Step 1. Access the Contacts menu and click on the “+” button.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


Step 2. You will have three options to create your new contact in your ForceManager agenda:

  • Add contact, in case you want to fill in all data manually. Detail all the mandatory fields (*) and others you may know.

  • Import contact, in case you want to add a contact that exists in your mobile phone agenda. Select the contact you want to add, and the available data will be automatically filled in the ForceManager form. Later, review and finish filling in the form with more data if needed.

  • Scan card, if you have a customer visit card. Using your smartphone’s camera, the business card reader automatically scans and fills out the details or your new contact. Click here if to know more.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


Step 3. Click on “Add”/”Done” and this new contact will be added to your ForceManager agenda.

Android Devices


iOS Devices

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