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How to add orders?
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1.1.How to add orders from the web app

To create a new order from the web app, go to the ‘Orders’ menu and click the ‘Add’ button in the top right of the screen.


This will take you to the editing page where you will have to fill in the following fields:

  1. Order details: you must enter all information relating to the order

  • Reference: code or name of the order.

  • Validity: If you need to set a deadline

  • Status: at which point in the sales process is your order e.g. draft, sent, pending approval, approved

  • Owner: the ForceManager user responsible for this order

  • Comments: add specific order descriptions.

  • Company: if the order is related to a company, you can link the two.

  • Contact: person linked to the account to which the order is related.

  • Opportunity: if the order proceeds an opportunity this can be specified within the order.

  1. Product lines: you can add all the products included in the order. You have two options to do this (explained below).


1.Via the "Add product" button

You’ll see a pop up window with all the product folders. You can navigate to select all the products and quantities that you need.


From here you will be able to see the photo of the product, the name, a brief definition and, on the right, the price of the product, the quantity in stock and the "plus"/"minus" buttons to select the quantity.


2. Via the search bar 'Select product'

This can be found just beneath “Lines” and from here, you’ll be able to add products directly. When you enter the name of the product, a list of search results will appear.


Both these options will add the product as a line and you can easily edit information related to it e.g. quantity, price, product name, fill in extra fields and add discounts (these will only be added to the product). You can add a maximum of four discounts for each product.


By clicking the dropdown menu on the right of the ‘Subtotal’ you can also add up to four general discounts that will be applied to all added products in the offer.


If you need to delete a product, select it and click ‘Delete’.


1.2. From the mobile app

To create a new order from the mobile app go to the ‘Orders’ menu. You’ll see a list of orders and the option to create new ones. The location of the creation button can vary according to device.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


Fill in all the fields related to the order: name, status, validity, owner, account etc. You also have the option to add products and a space for clients to sign.

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Click the button ‘Add product’ to manually attach orders to the product.

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iOS Devices


All the products will appear classified and organized according to how it has been defined in the "Products" menu.

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iOS Devices


You can add the products you need by clicking on the "plus" icon that you will see to the right of the name and description of each of them, it also offers you the possibility of indicating the product units that you want to add to the order.

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iOS Devices


Next, you will see how the added product will appear in the order detail. If you need it, add discounts to your products, comments or any information that is of value for the order.

When you have filled in all the information, click "Create"/"Done" to confirm the process.

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