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How does the account map feature work?
How does the account map feature work?
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This feature is only available for the following plans:


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1. Accounts map from the web application

With the map option, featured on the company menu at the top right, next to the field button, you can view the location of the accounts, indicated by the account icon and the type assigned. If you use “zoom out” and move away on the map, the accounts will cluster together and the total number of accounts in the respective areas will be shown.


By clicking on one of the account icons, you gain instant access to account details such as the activities and opportunities related to it:


2. Account map from the mobile application

You can apply new filters to your maps on Android and iOS from the sliding menu that you’ll find at the bottom of the screen. Filters are grouped by:

  • Activity: The different options provided refer to the amount of time that has passed since your last interaction with a client account. These include: No activity; less than 7 days; less than 30 days or more than 30 days.

  • Account type: Based on the types of account you enter into the application. For example: Lead, Client, Supplier etc.

  • Segment: Filter your accounts according to segment. For example, A, B, C and D depending on the importance the account holds for you.

You can indicate which accounts you want to see on the map and it will group them by colors according to the different filters you introduce.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


Adjusting the zoom changes how accounts are displayed.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


By tapping on an account a pop-up will appear with more details about it such as, the segment, distance or client type. You can also directly access the account by tapping the pop-up.

Android Devices


iOS Devices

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