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What is a visit report?
What is a visit report?
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This feature is only available for the following plans:


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With this option, sales reps can register a client visit when they are not located at the client's premises. This is useful if you forget to do a Check-in or if you have met with a client, prospect, partner, etc. at another location.

How do I create a visit report?

To report a visit from Andriod and iOS devices, access the corresponding account file. If you are over 500 meters from the registered client premises the button "Report Visit" will be displayed in place of "Check-in" under the account name and image.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


Click the button to report a visit. ForceManager will remember that you're not at the address associated with the account and it will ask you if you want to confirm the report. Click "Yes".

Android Devices


iOS Devices


A visit form will be displayed. Complete all mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk) and any other fields with relevant data about the visit. Non-mandatory fields can be completed at a later date.

You can also add comments using the voice reporting feature to optimize your time.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


The visit report is automatically registered in the Activities section of the app, where you can view, modify and add comments about the visit.

Android Devices


iOS Devices

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