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What is the Check-out?
What is the Check-out?
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It is the process through which the seller or sales rep will be able to register the end of a visit to a client. The check-out will be useful to determine the duration of a visit, available as long as you are under 500 metres from the exact location of your client's premises. Therefore, the check-out must be done once you are about to leave your client premises, before moving away from that location.

Moreover, the check-in entry form can be set to reopen after doing a check-out in order to modify any detail that needs to be updated, add comments or information regarding the visit that has been made once finished.

You can also add a margin of time before allowing the next check-in. Normallly, this margin is between 1 to 2 minutes. After this time, the check-in becomes available again.

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