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Geolocating accounts
Geolocating accounts
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1. How do you geolocate an account?

The options for geolocating an account are displayed each time you create a new account from an Android or iOS device. Just click the plus icon.

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There are three options available:

  1. Use my current location, if you are physically at the account premises. ForceManager automatically completes the address using the current coordinates of the device.

  2. Search on the map, if you are not located at the account premises. In this case, there are two options for adding a new geolocation.

  • Using the search function: Type the address of the account in the search bar. When you open the search function, ForceManager initially shows you a list of archived addresses (those that you have previously searched for). Suggested addresses are displayed when you write the address and click "search".

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  • Using the map location: Swipe the map to move the pin and drop it at the correct location doing press for a few seconds. Address fields are automatically added to the menu at the bottom of the screen when you press for a few seconds on the map (menu location can be changed by swiping up).

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  1. Geolocate later, if you'd rather not disclose your current location.

2. How do you modify the geolocation of an account?

To modify or add an account geolocation from an Android or iOS device (if it wasn't geolocated when it was created) you need to access the account file. Then click "Edit" to display the "Address" section:

  • If you're adding an address for the first time, click "Add Address" and follow the previous steps.

  • To modify an existing address click "Edit Address". You will be directed to a screen where you can update the location or remove it by clicking "Delete Address".

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Once you have edited an account location, it can be modified in one of three ways:

  1. From the search function. Type the exact account address, but keep in mind that, once you click save, the existing map location and address fields will be overwritten.

  2. Using the map location. Swipe the map to move the pin to a new location and press for a few seconds to the save changes. A pop-up message will be displayed for you to confirm the address. You must select from one of two options before you can save your changes:

  • Map location: With this option only the map location is changed; existing address fields are maintained.

  • Map location and address: With this option, both the map location and address fields are automatically updated.

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  1. Only modify address fields located in the menu at the bottom of the screen (can be adjusted vertically). Swipe up on the address fields, tap the field you wish to edit, enter the text, and save your changes. Remember that this option doesn't modify the map; only the address fields are updated.

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