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How to add an account?
How to add an account?
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1. Add accounts on the web application

Once you are in Accounts, click on the “Add” button.


On the web application, the required fields for creating the page are the account name and type. Fill in the fields with the information about the account you want to create.


If you know the account address, you can geolocate it on the map to pinpoint its location; however, geolocation and the other fields are not required and, if necessary, they can be completed later on. To geolocate a company, click on "Localize on map".


Select the point on the map or write the address manually.


If you prefer, you can also geolocate the account using the mobile application when you visit your customers. To do so, check in when you enter the account file and, if not already geolocated, a location will be assigned to it.

Once you click the "Save" button, the new company will appear in your list of account.

2. Add and geolocate accounts on the mobile application

Once you have entered the Accounts menu, the list features the “Add” option; the button’s location may vary according to the device.

Once you have selected “Add”, before beginning to complete the account fields, a message will be displayed featuring three options:

  • In the first, you can select your current location (if you are in the account location)

  • In the second, you can pinpoint the account’s location on the map. In both cases, ForceManager, using the coordinates, will automatically complete the address data in the account file.

  • Finally, you can create the account without geolocation, in spite of you can add it later.

Then you must enter the account details. Bear in mind that fields marked with an asterisk are required.


When you have completed the necessary and/or additional information, press "Done". Remember that the button’s location may vary according to the device.

Add an image to your accounts for an easier identification:

  • ForceManager uses the information provided by Google Maps to complete the address fields when the location is indicated on the map. Then, if necessary, you can edit the data or even add specific information not provided by Google Maps, such as the floor no., the stairwell, the industrial estate, etc. Though you make these changes, ForceManager will still remember the exact position on the map using the coordinates obtained from Google Maps.

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