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¿How to massively geolocate accounts?
¿How to massively geolocate accounts?
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This function is available for Small Team plans.

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In ForceManager, you can geolocate your accounts in different ways:

  1. Manually, adding the geolocation account by account in the Accounts menu. To see how to do it, click here.

  2. Making a mass update, in case you have already imported your accounts into ForceManager, follow the below steps.

What steps I must follow?

Step 1: Import Accounts

To make a mass geolocate update of your accounts, the first thing you must do is import all of your accounts into ForceManager, from the administration menu on the web version. Click here to see how to do this process.

This first step is necessary as the mass geolocate update of your accounts is completed directly from the data base.

For this reason, it is very important that this data base import is done correctly. Specifically, there are different fields that you have to complete in order to geolocate the accounts correctly:

  • Mandatory fields: Address and Country

  • Optional fields: Town, Province, Zip Code

However, remember that the more information you enter, the more accurate the geolocation will be.

Step 2: Geolocate Accounts

Once you have imported these accounts (Step 1), the ForceManager support team can help you to mass geolocate your accounts with the previously imported information.

Who performs this process?

In ForceManager, the mass geolocate update cannot be done automatically by users. For that, you must get in touch with the ForceManager support team in order for then to perform the process.

To get in touch with the support team, send an email to:

What is the cost?

The first time you mass geolocate your accounts, the cost is totally free, as long as you geolocate less than 4000 accounts. If you need to geolocate more than 4000 accounts, you must pay an additional cost*.

Once you have done the first mass geolocation, if you need to repeat the process, you must pay all costs*.

*If you want to know what the cost, please get in touch with the ForceManager support team.

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