How to share an order?

The ‘Orders’ menu allows you to share the reports that refer to the order and, this way, you can send them to your customers, contacts or the recipient you need.

1. From the web version

You will have to access the order form that you want to share its reference report. Once inside, at the top of the tab, you will see the ‘Options’ button that will show you a drop down and, among them, you will find the ‘Share’ button. In case you have more than one report within the orders, you must select the one you want to share.


You will be presented with a popup message where you must indicate the format in which to share the report (pdf, xls or doc).


Then, you must indicate to whom you want to send the report of the order. In case the contact to whom you want to send it is within the registry of the application, you will have a browser. Conversely, if it is for an external contact, enter its email address.

In addition, you can also copy the link in the order report to download it and have the report available for what you need.


2. From mobility

On the other hand, from the mobile device you can also share the order reports.


On Android devices, you'll have to access the order form you want to share to find the ‘Share’ option in the drop down button at the bottom of the screen.



Once you have selected the recipient or the recipients, click on ‘Share’ in order to send the order.


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