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How to sign orders?
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Easily sign your ForceManager orders. With this feature, you can ensure that every detail of the order has been reviewed and approved by all parties involved, optimizing the management process and avoiding the need to send multiple emails and make calls to confirm the order.

1. How to send a e-signature request for an order?

First of all open the order you want to sign and go to the report section. There you find the order form. Click on it to generate a PDF document.


Then download the document and add it to the related account file in your ForceManager.


When you click on the document, you’ll see the option to sign it. A pop-up window will appear so you can add data related to the person/people signing. E.g. information (subject, email body), name, and email address. You also have to choose between "sign now through ForceManager" or "electronic email signature".

1. Sign now through ForceManager: It means the users will sign the document on the current device documents at the end of the configuration process.

2. Electronic email signature: It means the users will receive an email to sign the document on their own devices.


The email will be sent to the signers and will have a direct link to open the document and sign it.

Once you’ve opened the link:

  1. Go over the document and click Sign if it’s all OK.

  2. Press where you want the signature to be placed.

  3. Sign the screen from your device.

  4. Click send to finish the process.


Once the document is signed you will receive an email with the signed document. Also automatically it will be updated in ForceManager.

2. How to sign the order form?


Below, we explain how the recipient can sign the order form after receiving the signature request to their email:

  1. Review the document: It's important for the recipient to review the document to ensure that all details are correct.

  2. Accept the terms and conditions: The recipient must accept them in order to proceed with the signature.

  3. Add their signature: The recipient can add their signature from their computer or mobile device.
    Click on send document: Once the recipient has added their signature, they just need to click on send document to complete the process.

In the following video, we show you how to send the e-signature request and how to sign the order step by step.

3. How does SignatureManager work from the mobile app?

You can also manage and sign reports linked to your accounts or orders from the mobile app.

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