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What is SignatureManager?


SignatureManager offers an easy and secure way to sign documents legally and electronically.

The integration will help you reduce the sales cycle, by speeding up management and signature processes.

What does offer?

SignatureManager not only facilitates the signing of documents and contracts but also offers a way to impress your clients, reducing costs by avoiding the unnecessary printing of documents and centralizing all documents. You can also send and sign documents from any device without having to install any additional application.

What are the available plans?

The use of SignatureManager has an additional cost, with several contracting options split into various plans. If you are interested in this Add-on, please feel free to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or send an email to Our team will analyze your needs and will offer you the best plan that suits them.

How to integrate the Add-on?

This integration can only be carried out by the admin of the account. To do this, admins must log into their profile and access the ‘Integrations’ option from ‘Settings.’ The ‘Signaturit’ section contains all the available plans.


How does it work on the web?

Once the integration is completed, you will be able to sign and validate all reports and/or documents (PDF/.doc format) within the Accounts and Orders menu.

Follow the bellow steps to do this:

Step 1.

Access the account or order file you want to sign. Once in the detail, you will see the “Documents” and “Reports” menus, where you will see all the documents related to this account/order.

Step 2.

Click on the document and on the sign icon.

Step 3.

A pop-up window will appear so you can add data related to the person/people signing the document.

  • Information: subject, email body, users in copy, signature type (send by email or made right now in ForceManager).

  • Add signatory: indicate the ForceManager contact that must sign the document.

Step 4.

Click on “Sign” > “Understood” > “Assign” on each user and select where the client will sign in the document, dragging the highlighted square to the corresponding place. Moreover, if the document has up to 1 page, it will be possible to add more signatures for users.

Step 5.

When configured all users' signatures, click on “Done” > “Send to signers” and depending on the signature type, the following step to complete the signature:

  • Will be automatically in the application

  • Will be in the email sent to those signing will have a direct link to open the document and sign it.

Step 6.

In both cases, access the document and, next:

  • Go to the document and click “Sign”.

  • Sign from your laptop or scan the QR code with your phone camera and sign with your finder or with a pencil, from your mobile phone screen.

  • Click on “accept”, select the bellow check boxes and click on “send document” to finish the process.

Step 7.

Finally, remember that from the “Signed Documents” tab of the account or order, you can track the process and see who’s signed and who’s yet to sign.

How does SignatureManager work from the mobile app?

You can also manage and sign documents and reports linked to your accounts or orders from the mobile app.

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