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Mass Emails

How to Use Email Marketing to Send Mass Emails from ForceManager

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The new functionality in ForceManager allows you to send mass emails to multiple companies and contacts. You can select up to 50 companies or contacts to send mass emails. (This option is available as long as you have the necessary permissions.)

How to Send a Mass Email from ForceManager?

1. Select Companies or Contacts: Check the boxes of the companies or contacts you wish to email.

2. Click “Send Emails”: This option will appear in the top menu when you select one or more items.

3. Compose Your Email: The email editor will open with the selected recipients. If any recipient does not have an email address configured, a warning message will appear with the option to configure the email.

Mass emails will be sent one by one every 30 seconds in batches of 10, with a maximum of 50 recipients per send.

Warnings and Notifications

Warning Message: If email addresses are missing, a yellow warning will appear that cannot be dismissed. Clicking “Click here to view them” will display a list with details of companies or contacts without an email address.

Send Confirmation: When sending a mass email, you will receive a notification indicating the number of recipients. Confirm to proceed with the send.

Tracking and Email Status

ForceManager facilitates tracking the status of sent emails, both individual and mass:

1. Email Status in Activities:

Sent: The email has been processed and sent successfully.

Pending: The email is in queue and has not yet been sent.

Error: There was a problem during sending.

2. Email Details

Replying and Forwarding Emails

In the email details, you always have the options to:

Reply: Reply to the received email.

Forward: Forward the email with an empty “to” field and “FW:” added to the subject.

Email Tracking and Statistics

For each email sent from ForceManager, a tracking tab will be added with the following sections:

Total Views: A chronological list of times the email has been opened.

Total Clicks: A list of the links in the email that have been clicked.

Detailed Filtering in Activities

To allow for more detailed searches, three different filters have been added. You will find them in the Filters section under Activity. Click “Add Filters,” and you will see them below the “Standard Filters” section and above the “Information” section.

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