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Dana AI Plus
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Dana AI Plus is an addon designed to facilitate access to technical and product information without the need to review documentation or contact the back office. This virtual assistant is specifically trained with your business specifications and product catalogue, allowing it to respond to queries efficiently and accurately.

Features of Dana AI Plus

  • Personalised Assistant

    Upload PDF, Word, or Excel documents with your business and product-specific information. Dana AI Plus will use this information to respond to queries.

  • Specific Training

    Dana AI Plus is configured with the specific details of your business, including product catalogues. It supports documents in PDF, Word, and Excel formats for training.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Always available to respond to your queries at any time.

  • Fast and Accurate Responses

    Dana AI Plus allows you to respond more quickly to customer queries, improving response accuracy and speeding up sales cycles.

  • Response Efficiency

    You can make technical or product-related queries directly to Dana AI Plus. The virtual assistant will provide answers based on the information it has been trained with.

  • Task Automation

    Dana AI Plus will suggest next actions and complete personalised fields, eliminating the need to fill out lengthy forms.

Benefits of Dana AI Plus

  • Reduced Query Time

    Minimises the time spent searching for information and making technical queries.

  • Improved Sales Management

    Facilitates more efficient management of queries and responses, optimising sales processes.

  • Permanent Availability

    Offers continuous support, available at any time to resolve doubts and queries.

Dana AI Plus is a useful tool for ForceManager users who want to improve efficiency in managing technical and product queries, providing quick and accurate responses without the need to consult additional documentation or contact the back office.

Questions and Answers

1. Can Dana read documents uploaded to ForceManager?

Yes, Dana can read any text-based document, such as PDFs or Excel files. However, it requires a special channel to understand and interpret the documentation.

2. Is it necessary to have a ChatGPT account to use Dana?

No, Dana is a proprietary functionality of ForceManager and is available in all accounts from the Starter level upwards.

3. Does the voice reporting detect any type of custom field?

Yes, but it may require additional training to recognise and complete the necessary values.

4. How do we upload technical business information?

It is necessary to structure the information in a document. Clients can contact their Customer Success representative for assistance in this process.

5. Can Dana perform calculations for machinery offers?

Yes, as long as the formula is described in the documentation.

6. Does Dana support other languages?

Yes, Dana natively supports Spanish, English, and Italian, and can translate to other languages based on user input.

7. How long does it take to train Dana?

It depends on the scope and complexity of the documentation. It requires collaboration between ForceManager and the end user.

8. Are the entered data secure?

Yes, ForceManager is certified with ISO 27001, ensuring data protection and security. More info here.

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