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Dana AI: Artificial Intelligence to accelerate your sales.
Dana AI: Artificial Intelligence to accelerate your sales.

Introduction to Dana AI the Artificial intelligence of ForceManager.

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What is Dana AI?

Dana AI is a ForceManager plugin that connects via API to Microsoft's AI engine to process data and provide a response.

How do we ensure data integrity and security with DANA AI at ForceManager?

We utilise Microsoft's artificial intelligence technology to deliver the results to you.

Your data belongs to you and is safeguarded by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Under no circumstances are the data transferred outside the database; they are neither duplicated nor deleted.

Dana AI in Activities

Summarises lengthy email threads chronologically.

Summarises lengthy email threads in an executive manner.

Draft a contextualised response.

Access DANA AI from Outlook


Dana AI offers features for managing and optimising emails.

Two options are provided for summarising email threads, regardless of their length or complexity. The Chronological Summary option presents the entire conversation on a timeline, which is particularly beneficial for lengthy and complex sales processes, allowing users to accurately track each step and its corresponding date. The Executive Summary option produces a concise and clear text that highlights the essential points of a business conversation, enabling users to quickly check the status of a specific client, identify participants, and view key negotiation dates. Another notable feature of Dana AI is its ability to quickly draft email responses, addressing the significant amount of time employees spend managing emails.

Dana AI will use the user's language to create an executive or chronological summary; in the case of drafting a response, Dana AI will use the language of the message chain.

Dana AI drafts responses based on the received information and maintains a professional tone that helps close sales. Users can easily copy the generated text into their email client, make the necessary edits, and send the response.

Furthermore, Dana AI is compatible with Microsoft Outlook through the ForceManager add-on, allowing users to access features directly in their inbox.

Users can select the desired option, such as the executive summary, chronological summary, or response creation, from the section that appears by default on the right side of their screen.

ForceManager's commitment to helping salespeople sell more efficiently and effectively is evident in the existing features of its CRM, which include the automatic logging of business information, visit check-ins, and voice note taking, all facilitating the summarisation of meetings.


  • Save time without the need to read long email threads​.

  • Send comprehensive email responses, don't miss a thing!​

  • Enhance visibility and control over escalated situations​. Improve the quality of business interactions​.

DANA AI in Accounts (Smart Insights)

Experience enhanced mobile interactions with features designed for on-the-go use. Additionally, discover Dana's new ability to quickly summarise recent interactions with a company, streamlining your meeting preparation and enhancing contextual understanding. Dynamic Golden Minute Comprehensive Customer Summary (360º view) Based on ERP and Business Activity data Grouped and organised Benefits: Understand a customer's current situation in seconds, with relevant, organised, and prioritised information:

  • Generate more impactful and quality meetings by having all the information you need, swiftly.

  • Increase the ratio of quality interactions with clients per week.

  • Make more informed, data-driven decisions rather than relying solely on intuition.

  • Improve relationship management.

  • Enhance the capacity for personalised attention towards clients, providing a better level of customer service.

  • Avoid customer losses by summarising all information before facing an issue with your clients.

DANA AI in Activities (Dana AI Chat)


  • Interactive chat in natural language, voice dictation, and prompt suggestions.

  • Responses based on ERP and Business Activity data.

  • Responses in various formats: text, interactive graphics, and tables.

  • Downloadable graphics.


  • Improve your sales and cross-selling ratios by anticipating your customers' needs.

  • Rely on suggestions of key questions that will help you understand the customer's situation and improve the level of service.

  • Assign a key player in your team to assist you in the complex analysis of the customer's situation: Your 24/7 back office assistant.

  • Plan your next steps and close sales faster with context-based action suggestions. Minimize reporting time with downloadable analyses from the chat.

  • Dana AI Chat is also available in the Activities section of email.

  • When requesting a summary or a response suggestion via email, you can engage in a conversation with Dana to request more information about the company.

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