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How to add users and licenses?
How to add users and licenses?
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As son as the account administrator has his user and license, he will be able to access ForceManager from the web versión to add all of his users. We will show you how to do it step by step:

  1. Once within the application, access 'Settings' from your profile.

  2. There, you will find the option 'User management'.

Within the user management option, you will be able to create new users and also add new licenses.

1. Creating new users

At the top right of the screen you will find the option 'Add new user'.


You will need to complete the following fields: name, surname, phone number and e-mail to register

the user. Once completed the user will have access to his user profile.


2. Adding licenses

Once you have used all of your licenses, a message will appear with the "Add licenses"option .


When you select this option, you will only need to add the number of licenses you need and save to update the information, you won't have to enter your payment details again as these will be already saved (although you will be able to edi them anytime if you need).

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