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Step 2. User management
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This feature is available for the following plans:




Click here for more information on our plans.

From this menu, you will manage your licenses: you can create, modify and/or deactivate users. In addition, you can also add more licenses in case you need to increase the number of users in your account.

First of all, it is important to know the difference between what is a license and what is a user:

  • A license is the purchase that allows the use of ForceManager.

  • A user is the person who is going to use the license.

Therefore, purchase as many licenses as people need to use ForceManager.

How to create a new user?

Access your profile and within"settings", you will find the “User management” menu. Here you can manage the licenses you have acquired.

First of all, you will see the name of your plan (Small team, Essential or Starter) and, just below, the number of licenses in use and the number of licenses purchased.

Use your licenses for your team members to access the CRM. We explain how to do it next.

You'll find the "Invite Users" button at the top right of the menu.


You must indicate their email, and in the case of Starter licenses, the user will be created with the Salesrep role. Once they have accepted the invitation, you can modify their role.


The roles that as a Starter you will have available are:

  • Salesrep. Salesperson of the team, who will only manage and have access to their own data and information.

  • Manager. The manager of the team, who will have permission to view and manage the activity and all the data of the sales team.

  • Admin. It will be the account administrator, who will be able to define the settings (create the fields, manage the users, etc.) and, in addition, will have complete visibility over all the data of the account users.

In case you have an Essential license, the hierarchy will be flat, meaning that all users in the account will be Admin users and will have permission and visibility to see the information of the rest of the team's users.

Once you have filled in the email, click on "send invitations", and they will receive an invitation email to activate their account.


The user will have to complete a form where they will have to define their password and accept the terms and conditions linked to the use of the application.


Until the user has activated the account, you will see it in a "pending" state and that license will not be in use yet.

In case the invitee does not activate the account, you can re-launch the activation email as a reminder to the user. To do so, hover over it to find the "resend invitation" option.


You can also revoke the invitation in case of a typographical error or if the user is not going to work with the CRM.


How to deactivate a user?

You may need to deactivate a user, for example, if a person leaves the company or no longer needs access to the tool.

By placing the cursor just above the active users, you will see that the “Deactivate user” icon appears.


In case you deactivate it, the user will go to "deactivated" and a license will be available. You can reassign it to someone else whenever you need to.

To use the license you can:

  • Register a new user by using the "Invite users" button.

  • Reactivate an old user (that is currently deactivated) through the "Activate user" icon that will appear when you hover over a deactivated user.


How to edit a user?

When hovering over each of your users you will see the "edit" option. You can edit the following information and configuration of your users:

  • Name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Role (only for Starter plans)

Also, remember that you have the option to activate/deactivate your users.


How to acquire more licenses?

If you have all the contracted licenses in use, the "Add licenses" button will appear at the top right of the screen.


Clicking on it will open a pop-up window that will be automatically connected with your payment details and will allow you choose how many licenses you need to purchase.

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