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What are the new iMessage features for ForceManager?

On iMessage, you can now share ForceManager accounts, contacts and opportunities. For example, if you’re chatting to a colleague and you want them to take a look at an opportunity, you can share it with them directly from iMessage, without having to open ForceManager.

How do I share ForceManager data on iMessage?

In iMessage, you have an “Applications” icon towards the bottom of the screen. Tap here and you’ll see all the applications that synchronize their content for you to share. Select “Store” and search for “ForceManager.” Once you have added ForceManager, you will be able to share accounts, contacts and opportunities with your colleagues using iMessage.

If you share an opportunity with a colleague, they will receive a link to it with information such as its probability of sale, state, owner etc. Simply tap on the link and it will take you to more details about that opportunity within ForceManager.

This functionality is available for iOS 10.

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