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Call Tracker ForceManager CRM
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What is Call tracker ForceManager CRM?

ForceManager CRM Call Tracker is a mobile application designed to log events related to both outgoing and incoming calls, specifically those linked to contacts registered.

The app seamlessly integrated with Android's native call logs, cross-referencing this data with the ForceManager Database.

Please note: While the application captures the event details surrounding a call, it does not record the actual content of the conversation.


The call, as an activity within ForceManager, is utilized along with its duration in the ForceActivity scoring system*.

*The automatic activity may take a few seconds to appear on the activity timeline.

How can you determine if ForceManager CRM Call Tracker is currently installed?

If CRM Call Tracker is inactive, the ForceManager app will alert you regarding its status through notifications in three different areas.


When Login

In the Dashboard

In Activities

Each notification includes direct link that will allow you to easily download the application via Google Play.

How to install it

If upon logging into your ForceManager account a notification appears, this will indicate that you do not have the application installed. A link will take you to Google Play to initiate the download.

Alternatively, you can choose to download the application now by clicking on the orange button below.

After you have successfully downloaded the app, ForceManager will prompt you to grant the required permissions. This ensures that the Call Tracker application will run without any hitches.


Once we have granted Call Tracker access to our calls all that is left to do is sync our logs.


From this point on, any calls you make or receive will be automatically synced with Call Tracker. After each call ends, the app will automatically send the call information to the CRM.

How can you determine if CRM Call Tracker is up and running?

Follow these steps to check if the app is working efficiently:

  1. Go to the main menu to easily check the sync status of CRM Call Tracker.

  2. Head to Call logs and the ForceManager app will keep you in the loop with notifications about the current state of synchronization.

  3. Should any error occur during syncing, a message will pinpoint the issue, as well as display the date of your last successful sync. If CRM Call Tracker is not installed on your device, a handy link will appear, directing you to download the app from Google Play.

  4. Once the sync is successfully completed, you will receive a validation message detailing the specifics of the latest synchronization.


The ForceManager CRM Call Tracker will function if:

  • The app has been installed.

  • The app has background permissions approved.

  • The call synchronization setting is activated* from your ForceManager account.

  • The user has permissions enabled* for automatic call logging.

*For more information, please contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team by emailing


  • App available for Android devices.

  • Updated version of ForceManager.

  • To ensure the effective operation of the ForceManager CRM Call Tracker app after installing it, you must turn on a parameter inside your ForceManager account.*

*Contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support team by emailing to accomplish this.

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