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Install ForceManager app extension in MS Teams
Install ForceManager app extension in MS Teams
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Thanks to the ForceManager integration in Microsoft Teams, you will be able to share information of your CRM through your chats. In a few seconds, you will share a detail of an Account, Contact or Opportunity in Microsoft Teams without needed to open ForceManager.

It will be super easy contextualize a conversation with the team providing the information you need in each moment.

1. How to integrate ForceManager in Microsoft Teams?

Firstly, install ForceManager in your Microsoft Teams accessing the app catalog.

To do that, open Microsoft Teams and click on the “Apps” option, that you can find at the bottom left of the screen. Next, access the search box, introduce “ForceManager” and click on the application tile.

After that, click on “Add”.

Automatically, a confirmation message will appears showing that the CRM app has been integrated correctly. Moreover, you will see that the ForceManager icon has been added to the available options, just below the text box.

Finally, remember to login into your ForceManager session into Microsoft Teams. When clicking on the ForceManager icon in some chat, you will be able to login once you start looking for one of the available entities (Account, Contact, Opportunity).


2. How to share ForceManager information by Microsoft Teams?

Once you have done the installation and logged into your ForceManager user (Step 1), you can start sharing information.

To share an Account, Contact or Opportunity detail with a colleague or your work team, access the corresponding chat and click on the ForceManager icon, that is just below the text box.

You will see that you have three tabs to share the information: Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities. In each tab, you have a search bar where you must indicate the name of the entity you are looking for and then select it from the list of the returned results.


Once you have selected the entity, the system will automatically attach a card with the defined information in the text section. If you want, you can add more information just below of the card details, as free text.t.

Lastly, send the message to the chat.


3. Which options the Card provides?

The card (the detail) you share regarding Account, Contact or Opportunity includes general data filled in into ForceManager.

  • In the Account card, you will see the image, name, status, type, responsible, location, email, phone number and web.

  • In the Contact card, you will see the image, name, account, charge, account responsible, email and phone number.

  • In the Opportunity card, you will see the name, status, type, responsible, total amount, probability of sale and sales forecast date.


Just below this general information, you also have a button, called “View in ForceManager”, to quick access automatically the entity information in ForceManager.

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