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Metadata in ForceManager
Metadata in ForceManager
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What is Metadata?

Metadata is data that describes other data and helps us discover and identify accurate and valuable information. Metadata in ForceManager provides critical information, for example, the author, the creation date, the modification date, and the ID of an entity.

How to locate the Metadata feature in ForceManager?

Inside the CRM, you can find this feature in the Accounts, Opportunities, and Orders menus. To display it, you must enter the selected entity's file and hover the mouse over the "information"


icon, located next to the name of either the Account, Opportunity or Order:


How to use the Metadata feature in ForceManager?

The system automatically registers this information in real-time; therefore, it is accurate and reliable and can help you analyze relevant factors of your business. It also provides you the necessary visibility and control of the changes made by your team members on the different entities (Accounts, Opportunities, and Orders) inside the CRM.

You can find the following concepts in this section:




1. Identifier

The number that identifies the selected entity (E.g. an Account or Order).

2. Date created

The creation date of this account, opportunity, or order.

3. Date modified

The modification date of this account, opportunity, or order.

4. Last modifier user

This indicates the author who made the change.

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