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Personalize your ForceManager web
Personalize your ForceManager web
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Did you know you can personalize your ForceManager web view?

As a user you can personalize the appearance of the Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities menus when logged into the Web App.

The objective is to adapt the application as much as possible to your working style. You will be able to choose which information and data are the most important to have in sight.

These changes will only be applied on your user and in the web application. What is more, the configuration will be saved until you log out, so don’t lose time! Take advantage of these configuration options and optimize your time working from your laptop.

You have the same configuration options in the three menus below. Here is an example of the Accounts module but follow the same steps with the other two menus.

How can I configure my web?

1. Select the fields you need

You can choose the fields you need to visualize in the accounts/contacts/opportunities list. You can add as many columns as fields you have in the ForceManager entities: standard and extra.

For that, access the corresponding menu and click on the three vertical points that are just to the right of the column names.

You will see the “Show/Hide columns” list, from where you can select and deselect the fields you need to have activated or hidden.


2. Change the columns order

You can also change the column order to sort them by your priorities.

For that, make a long press in the column name and switch it to the right place.


3. Regulate the columns width

It is possible your accounts/contacts/opportunities have a very long or short fields and you need to optimize your screen spacing. Therefore, you can regulate the width of columns.

For that, access the corresponding column and hover the mouse in the right side. Next, press the black line and drag it to make it longer or shorter.


4. Sort alphabetically/numerically the fields

You can alphabetically or numerically sort your accounts/contacts/opportunities, depending the type of field.

Make a simple click on the column name for prioritize the sort by this field.


5. Export data to Excel

You can export your accounts/contacts/opportunities to excel even if you have added filters or views.

For that, access the corresponding menu and click on the three vertical points that are just to the right of the column names. Lastly, click on the “Export to Excel” option and you will have the data in CSV format.

If you had added filters or views, you will the filtered accounts in the document with all fields, independently you had configured your web menu.


6. Apply filters and views

Finally, you can also add filters and views to easily find the information you need:

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