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What are suggestions after Check-in?
What are suggestions after Check-in?
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Suggestions after Check-in are automatic messages that appear after you perform a Check-in to remind you to add an Event or Task on the ForceManager Calendar menu. This suggestion appears depending on what has been entered in the Check-in comment field.

With this functionality you will never forget to schedule an event or task.

Event suggestion


Task suggestion


What do I need to do to make it appear?

If you need suggestions after Check-in, you should follow the next steps:

Step 1. Click on “Check-in”, on the Account you have just visited.

Step 2. On the Check-in form, add a comment entering that you should perform a visit or task on a specific day and click on “Save”.

These key words are going to be detected by ForceManager to give you the suggestion: visit/meeting/task (mandatory) + day (mandatory) + time (optional).

Remember that comments can be added manually or within the voice recognition functionality, clicking on the keyboard microphone.

Step 3. Complete the Check-in form with the information you need and click on “Done”.

Automatically, a suggestion will appear so that you can add an event or task to the ForceManager Calendar, depending on the information you have entered in the Check-in comment (Step 2).

Step 4. On the suggestion, that is at the bottom of the screen in blue, click on “Add” and complete the fields needed to add an event or task.

Do you want to see an example?

Event suggestion

Task suggestion

This functionality is only available on iOS devices. If you want activate it, get in contact with the ForceManager support team:

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