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How do I manage account recommendations?
How do I manage account recommendations?
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With ForceManager you can create notifications for your accounts so that your sales reps are aware of important information (overdue invoices, payment warnings, etc.) or when you have something specific to bring to the attention of your team.

These notifications will be displayed whenever sales reps access account data or order information.

1. How can I create an account recommendation?

Recommendations must be created from the web version. Access the account that you want to set a notification for and click on the pencil icon to edit the account.


Next, access the "Recommendation" section and add the message that you want sales reps to see when they view the account or process an order for it.


To modify the message, access the same section, update the message and click on "save". In the same way, to delete a recommendation, click on the section cross and save changes.


2. How can I view recommendations?

Web Version

Whenever you access an account, any active recommendations will be displayed at the top of the screen. A highlighted box displays the message.


Active notifications will also be displayed when an account is added to a new order.


Android Devices

A highlighted box is displayed whenever you access the account with a preview of the recommendation.

Click "See More" to view thee.


iOS Devices

A highlighted box is displayed whenever you access the account with a preview of the recommendation. The date and name of the User that published it is displayed when you click the box.


If you have a Business plan, you can also automate the upload of data to this field (from a file or from an already existing ForceManager field) to be completed taking all existing rules into account.

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