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How to access ForceManager?
How to access ForceManager?
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Once you have passed from the free trial to the paid version, you are a ForceManager customer.

However, whether you are already a customer or, if you are only using a free trial, you can access ForceManager in the same way.

ForceManager is a multiplatform application, you can access your session by entering your credentials on different devices:

1. From the mobile version

The ForceManager mobile version has been designed especially for sales reps that are usually mobile because it acts as a Personal Sales Assistant and helps you in your day to day activities.

Once you have downloaded the App, click on it and proceed to “Log in”.


Next, enter your user ID (the e-mail or the telephone number) and password and click on “Continue”.


2. From the web version

The web version is focused on the configuration and analysis of sales reps activity with graphs and reports that are automatically completed from all the interactions they have with your accounts.

To log in in the web version, the first thing you must do is access the following link:

Then, write your e-mail or telephone and your password and click on “Log in”.


If you need to know how to change your password because you do not know it or you have forgotten it, click here. Nevertheless, if you are in your ForceManager session and you want to replace your current password with another, click here.

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