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'Opportunity funnel' Graph
'Opportunity funnel' Graph
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The aim of the opportunity funnel is to show how opportunities progressively go through the different stages (showing the conversion ratios) until they reach the won opportunity status.

It will visually display (in the form of a funnel) the amount of opportunities created by the selected users and within the filtered period.

Within each of these stages, you will see the amount of opportunities that have moved from or that are within that stage, as well as the total weighted value that all of these opportunities equal.

Between each stage, you will also see the number and percentage of opportunities that are moving on to the next stage.

Other than the funnel, in the graph you will find the following info:

At the top of the graph:

  • Average sales cycle: average days it takes to close an opportunity (from its creation to its closing).

  • Conversion rate: Percentage of conversion between the first and won stage.

  • Median operations value: median of the value of won opportunities.

At the bottom of the graph:

    • Stalled opportunities: number of opportunities, created within the period and for which the selected users are owners, that have had no activity, neither in the opportunity nor in its main account, during the last 30 days.

    • Lost opportunities: those that have eventually been closed as lost.

The funnel will be useful to detect things that need improvement, to find weak spots (stages where more opportunities are lost) and thus designate more resources and efforts that may help improve the whole sales process.

Regardless of the currency with which the opportunities have been created, the amounts will always be shown in the currency of the logged user.

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