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'Accounts funnel' Graph
'Accounts funnel' Graph
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The aim of this graph is to show how accounts are going through the different stages (with the conversion ratio from one stage to the other) until they reach a won status.

This graph is especially useful for those ForceManager users who change the account status according to the evolution of the relationship.

In the case that the status of the accounts are not defined, the graph will not show information. At any time, you can start to take advantage of the graph by creating the status, how to do that?:

  • With the Small Team you need to go to the 'personalize fields' section within your Settings.

  • With the Business plan you need to contact your consultant


If you have defined status but none of them are a final status (won accounts or lost accounts), the graph will not show information either, but you will have the option, from the graph itself, to set your final status for accounts.


To determine that a status is won or lost, you only have to drag it and enter it into the label of the final status you need: "won" or "lost". You will be able to mark as many final status as you need.

The graph allows you to monitor the stages of an account (for example, contacted status or follow-up status etc..) visually (in the form of a funnel). You can filter the results by user and by date range.

In the funnel you can see the different stages through which an account goes through until it reaches a final stage. For each status you can see the number of accounts that are or have gone through that status, in addition to the percentage of accounts that move from one status to the next.


Within the graph, besides the funnel, you find the following information:

At the top of the graph:

  • Average cycle in moving to the last status. The average number of days since the account is created until it reaches a final stage.

  • Conversion rate. percentage of conversion between the first and won status.


At the bottom of the graph:

  • Stalled accounts. Number of accounts with which the user has not had activity during the last 30 days (accounts created in the filtered period and for which the filtered users are responsible).

  • Accounts lost. Accounts that have been closed as lost.


The funnel can be useful to detect aspects that need to improve, for example, to find stages where accounts are stalled, so you can allocate more efforts and resources to improve the process and close the accounts as won.

2. Analyze the funnel in depth

From the "Account Funnel" graph you can do a deeper analysis of all the accounts included in every status. To do that, you just have to click on the data you are interested in getting further information. A new tab will appear with a list of all the accounts that have moved from or that are within that status. Bear in mind that although you are clicking on one status the list can contain accounts that have already moved to an advanced status.

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