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What are Metrics?
What are Metrics?
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This feature is available for all plans:


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The Metrics and Reports menu takes care of collecting interactions and a wealth of information for you. Here's what it does:

It analyses the distribution of your sales team's activity with each type of client and geographic area, so you can check and make sure your efforts are going where they should.

It measures the effectiveness of all your sales team's interactions with the market, helping identify best practices that you can encourage within the entire team.

It provides an objective view of market interactions and shows you when and where your efforts should be focused.

So, Metrics and Reports bring together all the measurements related to your business's sales, your team's activities, and reports in one easily accessible place for you.

Sales Analysis: Here, you can ensure that your sales strategy and commercial tactics are in harmony. In other words, you can see if what you're doing to sell your products or services aligns correctly with your overall strategy.

Reports: This feature allows you to easily share, collaborate, and make informed decisions with your entire team. Plus, you can access preconfigured PDF reports that are ready to be viewed and shared. These reports contain crucial data about your customers, companies, and business opportunities.

Dashboards*: Dashboards are like personalized control panels for your business. You can integrate sales and business activity information into these boards. What's interesting is that you can explore the data, apply filters that update automatically, and customize reports to fit your needs. This helps you uncover valuable insights that can drive your business strategy.

*It's important to note that customized dashboards are only available for professional and high-performance plans, and their initial setup may require additional services.

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