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Standard Fields and Custom Fields
Standard Fields and Custom Fields
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In ForceManager, fields are a series of values that appear in the system and are used to record all the information in the database. There are two types of fields:

Standard Fields

These are the fields that appear by default in the system. As their name suggests, these fields have been standardised using commercial vocabulary. For example, when creating a company, a series of fields appear by default: “company name,” “type of company,” “rating,” “responsible person,” etc.

Standard fields can be hidden but not deleted.

Extra or Custom Fields

Since not all companies operate in the same way, you have the option to add extra fields so that the application can best adapt to each sales process. Therefore, these are all the fields that do not appear in the application by default but can be created based on the specific needs of your business.

Creating and Editing Fields

Creating Extra or Custom Fields

To create an extra field, click the “Create field ” button.

A dropdown will open for you to enter all the information related to the new field you want to add.

Editing Fields

To edit a field, hover over the field you want to manage and you will see three options:

  • Edit (standard and extra fields)

  • Duplicate (extra fields). The basic data will be copied, avoiding the need to create multiple fields with the same characteristics.

  • Delete (extra fields)

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