What are validation rules?

Validation rules are an essential tool to guarantee the validity of the data that enters the ForceManager CRM. They allow you to avoid inconsistencies or invalid information that slows down the work of your sales representatives, improving the quality of your data.

When a user enters a new record, either for creating or editing an account, opportunity, contact, etc., before saving it, validation rules ensure that the data entered meets specific criteria.

If the data entered does not meet the criteria, the CRM alerts the user to modify it before saving. The system will allow the user to save the record after fixing the issues.


How do validation rules work?

Once the Admin user has activated the validation rules on the fields of interest, they will work from the ForceManager app on Android, iOS, and web.

Usage examples:

  • If the email address does not meet the correct format (name@company.com), the CRM throws an alert:


  • If an account or contact's phone number contains a non-numeric character, the CRM throws an alert and prevents the record from being saved until the user corrects it:


  • If a web address contains spaces (which avoid access to the website), with the validation rule "without spaces," the CRM throws an alert notifying the user to remove the spaces.
    • On iOS devices, the space bar automatically disappears to prevent entering spaces.


How to activate the validation rules?

The Admin user of your account can only activate these rules. If you want to know more about the types of Validation Rules available and how to activate them, have a look at the following articles:


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